Mullingar Sailing Club Westmeath Ireland    Lough Owel  GP14 Mirror
Committee:  Sean Duffy (Commodore), Kieran Milner  (Vice-Commodore), Michael Casserly  (Secretary), Cormac Meany (Treasurer), Stuart McCormac (Fleet Captain), Rosie Hackett (Junior Organise)r, James Hackett (Rear Commodore), Veronica Lucey (PRO),
Peter Bielki, Michael Collender, David Maxwell.

At Mullingar Sailing Club our aim is to promote fun sailing in a safe environment, teach sailing to all age groups and levels and run structured races for those who relish close competition.

Season Starts

The season gets under way on Sunday 8th April (1st Sunday after Easter) with a planned rigging and setup day. Kicking off from midday this is a great chance to get your boat set up correctly for the season. There will be plenty of help available on the day to figure out your Cunningham from your Kicker. We do plan to launch on the day, so bring your gear and crew.
The afternoon will end with a forum where we want to hear your views on what you would like to see happen throughout the sailing season. Even if you don’t intend sailing this day, please come to the club so that your view can be taken onboard. Scheduled for 5pm.

Learning how to sail well can be a lifelong progression. Having been on some training courses to find out that for years some of my basic settings were wrong can be frustrating because I was never told. For those who would like to improve their sailing skills we will be rolling out a mentoring structure. We don’t suggest that we are experts but we are eager to pass on what we know. Guidance will be given on rigging before sailing and some advice on the water, if required. We want our sailors to progress and get full enjoyment at the Club, on and off the water. Let us know how you would like to be involved.

Fun Sailing
Some of the more memorable days sailing have been when we have gone “Off Piste”. Whether it is a sail to Portloman, to the top of the lake or around Church Island, we will include 4 or 5 days where we put competitive sailing aside and go for a cruise. This will be aimed to coincide with fair weather so will be announced about one week in advance.

One of these days will focus on attracting as many boats, canoes, kayaks paddleboards as possible. We may have a previous record to beat.
I am also planning a “Relay Race” fun day sailing which you will hear more about later in the season.
The racing calendar continues with 3 Sunday and 2 Wednesday series. First Sunday race gets under way on Sun 15th April with 3pm gun. The middle Sunday series will be Handicapped. The Handicap for each Helm will be posted on the noticeboard at the start of the series. Wednesday sailing starts with a 7pm gun on 18th April. Our Club Championship is scheduled for the weekend 25th-26th August.

GP 14 Sail Coaching Weekend
Notice of our training event has already been given and places have been filled.
One of Ireland’s top Trainers. Graham Grant is lined up to provide two days of sail training, on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May. Graham is an ISA approved trainer with immense dinghy experience and has much to offer sailors from beginner to experienced levels. Having provided training previously including Kites and Wires on Lough Owel, we welcome Graham back to our club. Coaching will commence on Saturday and Sunday at 11.00am. Participation is encouraged for all GP14 sailors, both new and experienced – cost will be €80 for the two days. Places are limited to 5 boats per trainer. We hope to have 10 boats participating.  Bring the packed lunch. To participate, please contact Michael Collender by text on 087 2529433. At the time of writing there is just one place still available.

Club GP14’s for Lease from Club
The introductory GP14s which were purchased by the Club to increase access to sailing have been a great success. These boats are made available for a maximum of one season to anyone who wishes to lease them. First preference is given to our adult course participants. Conditions are easy – simply return the boat in the condition you received it and make the boat available to the Club for the adult course.  Cost is very reasonable.  This initiative is designed to assist sailors enter the fleet without the expense of purchasing a boat initially.  Three boats are available and will be allotted on a first come, first served basis.  Contact is James Hackett, 087 2568802.

Adult Course
Weekends:  2nd & 3rd June and 9th & 10th June.
This year the course will continue to take place over two weekends. The club will be employing qualified instructors to give the course. This introduction to sailing course has introduced many of our current members to our club and we want to continue this event. Please look out for potential new members, introduce them to the club and tell them about the course. Kieran Milner is the contact for the adult course (086 8342204). We will be running a number of “Fun Sailing” events following the adult course with the aim of including new trainees into weekly sailing.
Junior Sailing Course
Monday 2th July for 3 Weeks
The course is currently open for booking – contact Rosie Hackett on 087-2903586 or download the application form from the website and post to Rosie. See further details on the website.

Cara Na Mara
23th to 27th July
This hugely successful initiative for the under 10s continues in 2018, details on the website – contact Michael Casserly.

Do not phone me to arrange swap/replacement. If you are swapping with someone else, please let me know AFTER YOU HAVE ARRANGED THE SWAP, so that I know who is expected to turn up for rescue boat duty.  You need to be at the Club at least one hour before the start time to launch the rescue boat & set the course.  Please start races on time – do not wait for boats arriving late at the start line – they are aware of the start times also & will be on time after they have missed a few starts. 
Everyone on the rescue boat is required to be competent in its use – how to control it safely, how to deal with an incident on the water (which has potential to be serious), how to set a racing course and to run racing.  We are available to assist with rescue boat coaching and will run some courses taking about two hours, subject to demand.  Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you are competent – if you would like coaching or refresher training, please let me know before the end of April, so that I can arrange same.  

We are refreshing our members contact details so that we can effectively inform you of events ranging from special sailing days to BBQ’s etc. You will be contacted by someone on the committee to ensure we have your correct details and to establish how you wish to be contacted; Text, Email and WhatsApp etc. The WhatsApp group will be a very effective way to help maximize the number of boats sailing by helping to pair Helms and Crews on race days. If you need crew, do tell the group. If you are looking to crew, do let the helms know.

Irish Sailing All Ireland Championship 2017 on Lough Owel– Photo by Edel Kelleher

If not already paid, your membership fee for 2018 is now due. The preferred method of payment is by Electronic Fund Transfer to the Mullingar Sailing Club account. Account details are detailed below.                  
Payment can also be made by cheque to Cormac Meany. There is no change to the fees – single membership  €230 and family membership €280.
For the club to survive we need new members.  Please talk to your friends about us – bring them down to the Club; take them for a sail – above all, encourage them to join the Club.  Application forms are available on the website.  Maybe you know people interested in our adult course.  You are our best advertisement!!
Hot Toddy 2017 – Lough Owel

Boat owners are reminded that all boats (GP14s, Mirrors, Cats, Fireballs, Lasers etc.) must be insured with a minimum third party liability €3 million. Mullingar Sailing Club accepts no responsibility for damage or loss.  In addition, the Club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to boats & equipment.

GP14 Ireland Events

As Mullingar will not be hosting any GP14 Ireland events in 2018, it is important that we travel to some of our fellow clubs to participate in large fleet events. The World Championships return to Ireland in 2019 and will be hosted by Skerries Sailing Club. We will have Mullingar Boats entering and it is essential to take part in the National Regattas to gain experience in what is a very different sailing experience. Also, we have been well represented in the past by Michael Collender and Brian  Walker and they would very much welcome  local support.

Event calendar can be found at

Bob Heath presents  Rosie and James Hackett with the Club Shield; Club Sailing Champions of 2017

Club Grounds & Clubhouse    

2017 saw major improvement works to our slip. This gives us much better launching space and a safer area for coming ashore especially in an onshore breeze. Well done to our previous committee and members who organised this.
Rescue Boat – Check our Online Calendar on
The rescue boat must be manned by two people to comply with safety & insurance; and is for the benefit & safety of everyone on the water – all members must participate, irrespective of where you live or work, or how often you sail.  If you are not available for your rescue boat scheduled day, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap with another member.  Your safety & the safety of all your fellow members depends on strict observation of this. 
Lorna, Fiona and Rosie at the Laying Up Dinner – November 2017
Members are reminded that road-trailers should be removed from the club grounds, thus avoiding making it easy for criminals to steal boats.  Members are also asked not to leave any personal property in the clubhouse, dressing rooms or boatshed.  Masts and spars can be stored at the rear of the clubhouse. Paddles should be taken home.
Stuart McCormick: Fleet Captain Phone/text 087-2301606
Have a fantastic season’s sailing.
Club Bank Account Details

  IE37 AIBK 9321 7533 6040 29

  Don’t forget to add your
  family name in the reference
  so we can correctly assign

  Sort code:     93-21-75
  Account No:  33604029
  BIC/Swift;   AIBKIE2D

Adult sailing course 2018
Take to the water to learn how to sail, running over 2 weekends in June, great location near Mullingar, friendly club atmosphere, course includes a social barbecue at our clubhouse overlooking the beautiful and historic Lough Owel. The course will be held over two weekends, 9th & 10th and 16th & 17th June.

note: the course dates have been changed to avoid the June holiday weekend.

The course application form can be found here

Junior sailing course 2018
The Junior sailing course will take place from Monday July 2nd. to Friday 20th. July.
The Junior course organiser is Rosie Hackett and she can be contacted at 087-2903586

The application form can be found here

Mullingar Sailing Club - Senior, Dinghy and Assistant Instructors. 

Mullingar Sailing Club are seeking applications for Senior, Dinghy and Assistant Instructors positions for our Junior Sailing course which will run from July 2nd. to July 27th. 2018.

Selection will be based on certain criteria including:
Sailing experience,
Work experience as a Sailing Instructor,
Work experience as an Assistant Instructor,
Commitment to promoting the sport,
Ability to create a fun and safe environment,
Communication skills.

The ability to sail a dinghy in force 5, certificate in advanced boat handling and the appropriate qualifications for the position sought are pre-requisites.

An application form can be found here

Cara na Mara  Kiddies Sailing Course 2018
Kiddies Sailing Course - Aimed at age 5-10.

The course details and an application can be found here.